59 Reserve V.1 Strat Set

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59 Reserve V.1 Strat Pickup Set

As used by Matt Schofield, calibrated from neck to bridge using Alnico 5 poles in all positions.

RWRP Middle position for hum cancel in 2&4 positions

These pickups take pedals very well.

Take a look on Youtube you will find plenty of videos of Matt playing these pickups..........

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59 Reserve V.2 Strat Set

59 Reserve V.2 Pickup Set
59 Reserve V.2 Pickup Set
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59 Reserve V.2 Pickup Set

Balanced set of pickups with less winds on the middle and bridge than the V.2

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Big Iron Low Wind

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Big Iron Low Wind Single coils to fit Fender Stratocaster

Hendrix/Trower/SRV tone in spades.......A mix of PreCBS and late 60s tone. Available in 3 different staggers, Stevie stagger as found on his Number One Strat, Reverse stagger which gives you the “Jimi” and vintage stagger as found on Strats from 57-74.

If you using these pickups under drive conditions mostly then I can do an altered wind that will give you a fat drive tone, but not for cleans or if you are plugging direct into the amp for clean tone. It would be like using an old coiled cable with high Capacitance. Choose from options.

These pickups were designed using the following;

Tube Screamer 808 & TS9

Marshall Blues Breaker Mk1

Super Reverb

Magic 6 settings, the magic settings for a Fender amp. Magic 6

Volume set at 6 or above, Treble at 6, Mids at 3 and Bass at 2.

Low capacitance cable <90pF/Per metre

Treble bleed fitted to a CTS 295 Series 250K pot very close tolerance to 250K( Crucial to the circuit) This is available to purchase in my shop.

*Use with a treble bleed*

So these pickups are just the first part in the chain to great tone, alone they will not give you huge tone, skill and the right choice of equipment is vital......but the products listed above do a great job of getting you there for sure....good luck tone hunters.

Volume Pot

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This became a very important feature when I was building my Big Iron Low Wind Pickups. CTS 295 Series 250K pot and treble bleed, it really improves the taper of the pot and you can get the volume right down but still clear, I would say this is crucial to the tone, you can buy here or direct from Allparts and use your own treble bleed.

* This product is only available when you purchase my pickups as I believe it is crucial, you cannot buy just this product. Thank you.

Halo Wah Inductor

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Hand made reproduction of the legendary Halo Wah Inductor. Made here on the Isle of Wight

Big Iron Tube Drive

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Big Iron Tube Drive (BITD) SOLD OUT* This first run has now sold out.

BITD is a modded Tube Screamer using high quality parts only. A tube driver for my Big Iron Low Wind Pickup Set. This Tube Screamer out performs the big names, I tested it side by side to be sure.

TI RC4558P IC Chip

Ge Diodes

Metal Film Resistors

Carbon Composition Resistors

True Bypass

Use with a treble bleed on your volume pot for great results.

Prewired Set

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A full Prewired set loaded with Big Iron Low Wind Pickups. You can choose the type of stagger you would like at checkout. The Prewired comes with CTS pots, Oak 5 way switch, Treble bleed, Ally grounding shield, Orange Drop capacitor, Cloth wire and Switchcraft jack socket.

I can build modern 11 hole, 62 Reissue, 8 hole 57 in most colours so please contact me to discuss what you need.

The 64

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The 64’s

1964 was a year when coils were wound with more winds, so here is a set for the player who wants to have a little more output going to the front of the amp from the guitar. Built with a vintage stagger to nail the original 64 tone.

DCR 6.3/6.4/6.5K

There are two options.

The 64 Low Peak (LP)

All the coils in this set are wound to produce a low resonant peak, this means that more of the high frequency’s will be cut, it’s not dramatic you still have the dynamics and clarity but they cut the high end. This set is great when used under drive conditions gives a big fat warm tone.

The 64 Bell Tone (BT)

All the coils in this set are wound to allow a higher resonant peak, this means that you get the full high frequency that is great if you are looking for that classic bell tone from the pickups. This set also has the option for Reverse Stagger (Jimi Vibe)

No one set above is better than the other it is just a personal taste of the tone you require. Coil DCR (Resistance) remains the same as does the coil Inductance, the difference is in the coil Capacitance.

Middle (BOS)

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Middle Position (BOS)

A usable musical middle position Strat pickup. A unique coil wind to produce an altered Capacitance. Low wind DCR.

Middle position Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs tone.

IOW 70 Wah Wah

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New for 2019, A "Limited Edition" Venus Witch FX / Mark Foley Guitar Products collaboration... The "Blue Wild Angel" Isle of Wight 1970 wah wah pedal. A vintage specification tribute to the late 60's Clyde McCoy Wah Wah Pedals... as used by the guitar greats of the era who pioneered those iconic wah wah sounds of the late 60's. The I.O.W 1970 is built using a brand new Vox Chrome top shell and uses my hand wound Halo inductor wound on the Isle of Wight. The pedal is built using various specially selected NOS components (military spec 60's metal can transistors, tropical fish / polystyrene capacitors) as well as some of the highest spec modern components available (sealed maintenance free wah pots / Arcol Carbon Comp resisters, Carling Heavy duty F/S, Neutrik open jacks... and in the persuit of vintage tone, there are no mod cons at all. (Vintage bypass, original vintage spec 20mm mechanical rocker throw) Each pedal is individually & extensively tuned. A new build wah pedal for the vintage wah enthusiast. The original wah sound, as it was, Reborn. Priced at £290 + Shipping

U.K. including insured postage £301.00

INTERNATIONAL including insured shipping £315.00