Apollonmusic Japan - Stock 59 Reserve pickup sets

SVL Guitars UK - Use 59 Reserve pickups in their guitars

Matt Schofield - Uses 59 Reserve V.1 pickups

Bravewood Guitars UK - Use 59 Reserve pickups in their guitars

Ryan Robinson UK - MC68 Single Coil Pickups

Aynsley Lister - UK - 59 Reserve V.2 Pickups

Marko Karhu - Mad Professor Amp 59 Reserve V.2

Vonstein-Guitars Germany- 59 Reserve Pickups

Florin Giuglea Luthier/Artist 59 Reserve V.2

Haar Guitars Netherlands Luthier

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Luthier Pricing- CONTACT

All my customers around the world who use my pickups

Thank you to all!


I do not accept returns UNLESS the product has a fault and needs to be exchanged. When you purchase the product it is assumed that you have researched for your needs and this is the product for you. “No can I try them first, I don’t like them” They are a superior pickup to most other pickups, if your guitar is not a good one then it never will be, move it on, to get great tone you still have to play and it, Tone comes from your hands.....Pickups will not make you sound like someone else, you will always sound like you.

These pickups are not mass produced, they are built one at a time to order, so when you order I spend time building the product for you....this is a TAILER MADE PRODUCT, and is not covered under the Consumer Contract Regulations.