My name is Mark Foley, I started out in business in 2005 trading as Fatboy Guitars and built a reputation making high quality reproduction guitar parts. Having served a 4 year apprenticeship in the electrical automotive industry way back in 1979 it made sense to start building guitar pickups and electronics. I had spent many years repairing electrical motors, winding coils and building transformers, so have a lot of experience and knowledge in this industry. Having tried other pickups I soon became aware that many winders had missed a very important process in the winding technique that is used in transformer design. So I set about winding pickups and today I build some of the best pickups available on the market with a unique tone that is big and bold yet defined and sweet at the same time.

About my pickups......I would not claim to be an expert on pickups but I would say I am an expert regarding Stratocaster pickups and most things Fender. I know a Stratocaster inside out, what works and what does not work well with a Strat. I have spent almost every day since 2005 working with Strat pickups, building, testing, trying......I know what a great Strat pickup is and what makes a great Strat pickup. As far as Strat pickups go I no longer need to chase the tone, what I have made is the very best that I can, so when you buy a set of my pickups you know you have the very best.

Thank you for your support

Mark Foley